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Are you showing us your true value?

Compliments. Kind words. Testimonials. Kudos.

About two months ago I was helping my parents plan their 50th wedding anniversary. The guest list grew to 50 pretty fast and we quickly realized even though we wanted to host it at my parent’s home, that we’d definitely need help with food. Enter Facebook. I needed a caterer in my home town. On my personal profile, I posted my query:

Krista Smith on Facebook

Within ten minutes, I had six friends answer my call in the comments. I also had nine private messages. Interestingly enough, twelve (yes, 12!) of them all gave me the same name.  Guess what I did?  Promptly started finding the recommended caterer’s website and initiated a conversation.  (The anniversary was June 8 and yes, she was THAT good.)

Opinions matter. Yes, indeed.

I’ve observed on my Facebook business page that I get a high level of engagement when I mention client feedback.

Facebook, Krista Smith

This is always an interesting exercise for me. You see, I know I’m not alone in allowing the compliments to ‘land’. Working with the wonderful women who’ve been my clients over the past year, I’ve noticed how difficult it can be to talk about how wonderful you really are. When it’s 1:1, it’s easier. When we’re on the phone jammin’ about what makes your business unlike the others out there, you can be bold, daring, and ever so sure. When it comes to having a whole page dedicated to talking about how wonderful you are? There’s sometimes a little resistance, reminiscent of that guy in high school who could NEVER stop talking about himself. [Remember him?]

It’s really not like that at all. Clients genuinely want to connect with you. When they can read what others are saying, they often find a new perspective. It’s really about allowing the wonderful work you’re up to in this world have a voice.

Here’s what I know:

  • You deserve it.
  • You really are that good.
  • And the world needs your voice.
  • It’s time to let it be heard from your own personal vault of adoring clients.

Testimonials on your website are like liquid gold for your personal brand.

Those kind words that you capture from happy clients provide a strong foundation for your credibility and level of expertise. In my experience, the success of your business can grow with referrals from perfect fit clients. Think of my catering example…we ALL depend on word of mouth. We see a post on social media about a wonderful hair stylist or new product and we get curious. It makes an impact in our world.

As a woman building her personal brand online, it’s important that you begin capturing what your clients are saying about you, right out of the gates. There are a multitude of ways you can incorporate them into your online presence.

The key is capturing the essence of what makes you different — and explaining the impact you made.

I invite you to reach out, connect, and cozy up to the people you’ve worked the best with. Tell them you need their help and be honest about how you feel about them. In turn, ask them to hit reply and tell you what they think about you! Or, you could set up a time to call them and ask them when they think about the work you’ve done together, what’s the biggest impact you made? Be ready to write fast. Then, pop it in an email and send it off for their approval.  You might just be surprised at how you really help your clients!

Last but not least, it’s mega-important to keep your compliments up-to-date! Don’t let a year go by before you add, change up, and massage those kind words. Your clients deserve to hear about how amazing you are — and so do you!

I think it’s time to show the world what you really do. The value you bring to the table. I’d love to know how you want to do this!


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Krista Smith

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