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Meet Krista Smith: coach & creator


Hey I'm Krista Smith - web designer, business coach, and digital strategist at ActivateHerAwesome.comThis is my story. So you can get to know me better.

Coaching – I love it. Honesty, discovery, transformation. Kapow!

Technology – Sooo love it. It makes life easier. Seriously, what makes women think they can’t get technology? It’s a myth.

Creation – There’s a big empty space online waiting for your business to light it up. It’s true! And you + me = impact.  I’m convinced that if we work together, what we will accomplish will astonish you.

Better than a mere web presence, I work with women to create their web essenceI take the innovative work you’re up to in this world and express it in a distinct and original way online.

As a professional coach trained through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI – you can see my credientals below), I use my coaching skills to help to get to the truth of your business, your gifts, your people, and your unique space.

So now you combine that with a passion for technology. I’ve been the go-to-tech-girl for friends, family, and colleagues for years. It’s a natural thing for me. It’s kinda sorta an extension of my identity. I mean I’ve been reading e-books on a handheld device since 2004 {keener, I know}. I was an avid PC user for years. I am now a Mac lover. That’s a good thing because it enables me to really understand your operating system. It’s all about making things easy.

Web Designer Beauty School, Krista SmithThere are a couple of places you can find me doing my thing other than here.

I’m one part of Web Designer Beauty School and Web Designer Support School where my partner Katy and I teach our students the ins and outs of web design and support them as the grow and thrive as web designers.

I run business retreats and hold local workshops where I partner with my clients to help them navigate this thing we do called being a boss.

I love being able to activate my own awesome when combining all three of my loves — teaching, coaching, and creating.

Now — let me guess. A little about you. I have a hunch:

You’re successful in your business:

  • You’re earning an income
  • You know what you’re good at and it’s working for you
  • You have a good reputation


  • Something needs tweaking
  • You really want to kick it up a notch
  • You’re temporarily stuck. There’s something in your way. Maybe you know what it is, maybe you’re still figuring it out
  • Your business needs clarity, your brand needs a boost, or your online presence needs more punch

I know we’ll work well together because:

  • Krista-SmithYou value excellence
  • You value action
  • You value digital strategy combined with strong design that is a true reflection of you and your personality
  • Your ability to be decisive helps me help you faster. You may need a powerful question to clear a logjam but as soon as you hear it, you’ll know intuitively what’s right.
  • You don’t need hand holding; you respect clear structure and effective process. And because I’m passionate about creating independence, I empower every one of my clients to understand and master whatever technology we set up together.
  • You appreciate the level of honesty and detail I bring to our work. If we try something and I don’t think it’s working, I’ll tell you & offer solutions that will accomplish the goal. What this means for you is that I understand the big picture, I can assess where we’re heading and keep us on track. I’m fully present and invested in your business. I care as much about the outcome as you do. And I only take on work I can do fully – you will never be back-burnered, you will always come first.

Curious for more information?

It all begins with contact. I invite you to get in touch with me! We’ll have a conversation. Get to know each other. We will identify what you’re interested in. Then, together, we will plot a plan of action to get the momentum going to support your goals, designing it specifically to fit your life.

Credentials {really meet Krista}

I am trained as a Co-Active Coach with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I have a degree in elementary education from the Nova Scotia Teachers College.  I spent ten years in Nova Scotian classrooms and many years honing my entrepreneurial chops while working alongside my husband and his successful new home construction business before I started my own business. Talk about street creds!

I’ve always had a knack for technology and I’ve always had a passionate desire to help people be their best, but I struggled with how to combine techie with tender. That’s when I started down a path that would lead me to identify the talents that colleagues, friends, and family have admired for years. And create a unique service that is totally me: professional coaching with web design.

For the past three years, I’ve been supporting ladies who are learning how to code over at Web Designer Beauty School.  It’s been humbling and rewarding to have several of them reach out to hire me as their business coach to help them activate their own awesome creative businesses. When I’m coaching my clients, I honour the highest standard for ethics and confidentiality in accordance with the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics. It’s all about you and your agenda. I love helping you merge who you are with what you do.

Still want more? {LOVE that you want all the deets!} Click here. Ready to hire me {yay!}?

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