Let’s get to know each other. I’m Krista.

Let’s get to know each other. I’m Krista.

I DO: Web Design and Brand Strategy.
I AM: Straightforward, Upbeat, Kind-hearted & Spirited.

From teacher to technology.

Imagine it’s the mid 90’s. A fresh-faced, new teacher has just been hired at an elementary school in small-town Nova Scotia. Every day at lunch, she heads for the gymnasium and disappears behind the curtains on stage. Why?

Behind those curtains were twelve new Apple computers!

And I was one of the very few teachers who even knew how to turn those machines on. I was enthralled with the possibilities from first touch. Keep in mind, these were early days. These computers weren’t connected to each other, let alone a dial up connection. Web browsers weren’t a thing.

Here’s what I can tell you about that time in my life: I simply understood computers.

Meet Krista Smith, ActivateHerAwesome.com, web designer, brand strategist - helping women over 40 stand out onlineProgramming them to do what I wanted felt intuitive and easy. I taught myself. I began teaching my grade two class how to program and computer- love blossomed from there.

Of course my journey from teacher to web designer had significant bumps and detours. And I firmly believe that every one of those experiences have been part of my evolution.

After my daughter was born, I took a break from classroom teaching. I joined my then husband in his business for a stint before I realized that was his dream, not mine.

My dream was to help people discover, learn, evolve… but not necessarily 7-year-old people. I trained as a professional coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I knew that, ultimately, I wanted to help women find their thing like I’d found mine.

I figured out that I’ve always had a knack for technology and a passionate desire to help people be their best. But I struggled with how to combine techie with tender. Which led me down a path that unveiled the talents my colleagues, friends, and family had admired for years. And helped me create a unique service that is totally me: professional coaching with web design.

Most recently, I've become certified as a StoryBrand Guide. The work I do with women-led brands encompasses four loves and all my credentials: technology & teaching and coaching & creating.

Now — let me guess: A little about you...

I have a hunch you know it’s time you stop hiding and playing it safe. You’re longing to build a business that frees you to do the work you love, and a brand that reflects who you are and calls to those who need you.

You’re also likely craving:

  • more clients
  • more than just web design – some clarity around how to sell what you sell, and how to leave the same-old-same-old behind
  • structure, processes, boundaries, and automated systems that free up more time
  • passive income possibilities, clear offers, easy sales
  • an expert partner, who wants you to succeed, who will keep you on track, who will hold you accountable to get stuff done, who can code and coach you out of procrastination, loneliness, frustration & bewilderment to action, encouragement, excitement & clarity

If any of this rings true, you’ve landed in the right place. I’m here to help you do just that, whether it's building or launching a website, growing your audience, or figuring out what the next step is for your business.

Shall we get started?

Some important details about me:

I live in my heart, not in my head.

I trust my intuition. I travel. A lot. I say yes to all the moments instead of waiting for the perfect moment. Life’s taught me to seize the day. And seize the day, I do.

I'm a Mama to three.

I continue to be inspired by my daughter, daily. Thank goodness our cat, Alice, is cute because I’m fairly sure she thinks I’m part of her staff, not her Mama. Then there’s Riley, our springer spaniel, who is snuggly and fun and has the best wiggle bum ever.

I'm an INFJ.

I might come across as extroverted but trust me, I’m introverted. I see you. I’m happiest when I can encourage you to stretch to your highest potential. You can count on me to recognize and stay focused on the bigger picture for your business.

I really don't like peas.

Seriously. I have a strong aversion. Random, I know, but nonetheless important knowledge for you to have should we ever meet up :)

My favorite movie? The Sound of Music.

Need I say more?