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44 Different Ways To Say Subscribe on Your CTA

Almost every business owner has a freebie or lead magnet that they offer to new website visitors. If you don’t, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to nurture your leads.

Most business owners don’t take the time to change the text on the call to action (CTA) from subscribe.

Today I’m giving you access to my list of 44 different ways you can inspire your audience to say YES to your freebie.

Get Instant Access
I’m Ready
Send Me My Download
Instantly Download
Sign Up For Free
Start Reading
Get Started
Learn More
Come On In
Try For Free
Tap To Continue
Yes, Please
Give it to Me
Begin Learning
Stay Informed
Claim My Download
Start Today
Send It To Me
Heck, Yes
Get Member Only Access
Get Exclusive Access
Grab The Deal
Apply Now
Take Advantage
Today Only
Unlock Immediate Access
Send Me Something Special
Unlock Your Creativity
Begin Your Journey, Today
Begin Learning
Find Answers
Discover Insights
Come On In!
Let’s Begin
Take Action
I Want More
I Need More
Send Me All The Details
I’m In
Show Me How
Show Me Something New
I’m Curious
I Need Access

Since becoming a StoryBrand Certified Guide in July, I’m more passionate that ever in helping my clients clarify their messaging and setting up sales funnels. Adding in list building is the first step in a successful sales funnel.

Personalizing the experience for your audience by using a word OTHER than boring old subscribe will encourage new leads to say yes faster.

If you’re curious about sales funnels or you’re wondering why your website isn’t working, why don’t you request a FREE website audit from yours truly? I’d love to help you grow your business.

Krista Smith

If you are a woman over 40 who owns a small business, you understand how important it is to have your website, social media, and email marketing working for you while you sleep. I'm Krista Smith. Here at Activate Her Awesome, I have a proven framework that I use to develop websites and marketing plans that work so you can attract new leads and increase your sales.

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