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3 Things Everyone Should Know About Saving Facebook Posts

How many times have you landed on Facebook only to see a video or link that you really want to watch or read but you don’t have the luxury of time, in that moment, to do it justice?

What about when you see a post in a Facebook group that asks a question you’re really interested in? What’s the best way to follow that conversation without adding the word “following” so that you get notified once it’s answered?

In today’s post, I’m sharing the three things everyone should know about saving and accessing Facebook posts.

What can you do?

  1. You can activate notifications for the post so that every time someone comments, you’ll be notified.

    Step one: Click three dots on top of post.
    Step two: Click turn ON notifications for this post.

    Step one: Click three dots
    Step two: Click turn notifications ON for the post

  2. You can save the Post (like a bookmark) and access from your SAVED menu.

    Step one: Click three dots on top of post.
    Step two: Click SAVE POST.

    To access your SAVED posts at a later time, go into the menu on the left hand side and find “Saved”.

    Step one: Click three dots on top of post.
    Step two: Click SAVE POST.

    To access your SAVED posts at a later time, go into the menu at the bottom and find “Saved”.

  3. You can save the permanent link. Click on the date of the post (when you’re on a computer – it’s located just beneath the name of the person or business who originally posted it) and you’ll be taken to the permalink of the post.

    You can copy and paste the link into the program of your choice to access later. (I personally use Evernote to save these links!)

I hope this helps you save important posts you may want to refer back to.

Questions? Ask me in the comments.


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Krista Smith

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  1. Gail Godreau on March 27, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Hi Krista,
    Great post. I knew the first two ways to save FB posts but not the third. I have a question: if you saved posts in a private FB forum in which you are no longer a member, can you still access the post? If so, does it apply whether you save the post or save the permalink?

    • Krista Smith on March 29, 2018 at 1:09 pm

      Hey Gail! GREAT question. Unfortunately, if you no longer have access to the place where the original post (which you have permalinked), FB won’t allow you to access it. Same thing happens on saving the post in your “saved” items. Basically what the “save” option does is save the permalink for you, like a bookmark in a web browser. Since your access to the place where it was originally posted is no longer active (because it was in a group), the link would essentially disappear from your saved items.

      Let me know if you have further q’s!

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