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It's time to grow your business.

Attract New Leads

Elevate Your Marketing

Increase Your Sales

Yes, you can see real results from your website.
Let me guess:

  • You're rolling with a website you've likely outgrown (and it's starting to show.)
  • You know your offers are solid. They're simply not selling like they should.
  • It’s becoming clear that your website has way too many words.
  • Your lack of action has been preventing you from growing your business.

Find yourself procrastinating and missing opportunities? Probably. Feeling unnecessary anxiety? Definitely.

Are you tired of watching from the sidelines as your competitors claim the spotlight?

I get it. Let's fix that

Make The Most of Your Marketing Dollars

My process will give you the sound bites you need to show up
confidently on every marketing channel - from social media to your website.

Are you ready to use a proven framework and get a website that works? It'll help you:

Save Time

Savvy business owners understand time is precious. Save time by letting me get you farther, faster.

Increase Sales

A clear & strategic website will help your audience understand why you’re the best solution to their problem.

Be Hassle Free

I’ll be with you every step of the way to show you how to avoid all the headaches and make it easy.

Welcome to ActivateHerAwesome.com with Krista Smith, helping women over 40 create thriving businesses onlineI'm Krista Smith, your StoryBrand Guide.

I am certified by StoryBrand to help you implement their proven framework.
I've been building websites for over ten years and I've watched businesses come and go. I can tell you for sure: words matter. 
Effective websites are not about the latest bells and whistles. They’re about clearly positioning your offer as the solution to a problem. 

Are you guilty of using too many words to describe what you sell? If so, chances are that your lack of clear messaging is causing your user to leave your website prematurely.

Implementing the StoryBrand Framework will give you the tools you need to grow your audience AND boost your revenue.

Whether you need a quick side step or a complete overhaul, it's time to make it happen.
Meet Krista Smith, StoryBrand Certified Guide at ActivateHerAwesome.com

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Are you ready to clarify your messaging and get a website that works?

Here's how we do it:


Book a Clarity Call

We'll answer all your questions and decide if we’re a good fit.


Build a Brand Strategy

We work together on creating your content and clarifying your message.


Grow Your Business

Watch your sales grow as your clients respond to your clear messaging.

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