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This is Krista Smith,

I'm Krista Smith. I'm a WordPress Designer & Brand Strategist for coaches, creatives, and consultants.

I help female led brands create clarity in their online strategy so that their websites actually work for them. 

My process will help you highlight your gifts, attract your ideal client, create services that sell, and code happiness right into your business model.

What you do and what makes you awesome need to be clear and declared online. So find your awesome, show your people, love your website and adore your work.


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  • I Inspire Women With Passion-Fueled Ideas

    My mission is to inspire confidence and clarity in every woman with a passion-fueled idea.

  • ActivateHerAwesome Solutions

    I offer solutions that expand those ideas into an online business with systems, strategy, and success.

  • Krista Smith,

    I'm Krista and I want to make sure your website invites cohesion; with visual, verbal, and visceral elements that your audience will love.

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