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The Gmail Hack that will save you time when replying to initial client inquiries

Today's video tutorial will walk you through how to set up a process in your Gmail or Google Apps email that will cut down on your time when replaying to your initial client inquires. Here's the script you can download, adapt, and use for your own clients!Here's the script you can download, adapt, and use for… --> Read more

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February Wallpaper for your iPhones and Mobile Devices via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

  Enjoy! xo, K Desktop & Laptop Tablets & iPads iPhones & Mobile Devices… --> Read more

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Have you every noticed that when you genuinely share a personal story that people connect to you on a deeper level? One look on social media and you'll see it in real time. I'd be willing to bet you've seen it in person too. You've talked to someone who's shared something so real, you've become… --> Read more

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How to optimize images for your wordpress website via Krista Smith | ActivateHerAwesome.com

Did you know that images can generate a TON of traffic from image-based search engines like Google? It's true. In today's video tutorial, I'm showing you step-by-step how you can optimize the images on your own Wordpress Website to help boost your SEO. Please note: I use an Apple Computer. If you're not a Mac user… --> Read more

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How to Secure Your Wordpress Website via Krista Smith at ActivateHerAwesome.com

Yes, 11. I have three security plugins installed. I thought I had strong usernames and passwords. Turns out, I didn't. After I got the hack repaired and back up and running (if you don't already know about the amazing guys at Websavers...you really should check them out for your hosting needs!), I began the tedious… --> Read more

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Free Screen Savers and Wallpaper via Krista Smith | ActivateHerAwesome.com

I am back from the Action Academy Retreat I co-led with my good friend Jac McNeil last week. I'm feeling totally inspired. Watching the amazing women who gathered at beautiful Oceanstone Resort bond and make big boss decisions in their own businesses was amazing. Here's a gift for you. The quote I used for your November… --> Read more

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I know the mental energy it takes to be able to plan your next exciting offer. The thing is we are often so busy working in our businesses it’s difficult to find the mojo to work ON our business. Between clients, marketing, social media, networking, family, friends, and passions {to name only a few}, where… --> Read more

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As I sat with breeze blowing in my hair and the sweet smell of the sea air, I was quickly reminded how slowing down can help the women I work with gain some serious traction in attracting more clients. I thought about how my daughter and I started this journey alone, not knowing what to… --> Read more

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It will not come as a surprise to you that I LOVE all things tech-y. Designing and coding a website is fun for me. It's easy and there is no better challenge in my world than conquering a new software and making it work for my clients. What you may not know about me is that I started… --> Read more

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I'm not sure where you live but here in Nova Scotia it's been a loooooooooonnnnnnng winter. You'd think as a Canadian, I'd be use to snow. The thing is we live in a Maritime climate. A typical winter for us means 10-15 cm of snow followed by rain a few days later that washes the… --> Read more

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